👋Intro to Solodit

Solodit is a comprehensive, free to use, and user-friendly platform that aggregates security vulnerabilities (findings) and bounties from a multitude of security and auditing firms in the web3 space.

It acts as a central tool for auditors and protocols to learn and upscale their security game, with thousands of vulnerabilities and bugs.

Solodit aims to fortify the security landscape of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Key Features

Vulnerability and Bounty Aggregation

Solodit provides access to 8000+ of vulnerability reports, aggregating findings from various reputable security and auditing firms as well as top security researchers world wide.

Each report details of:

  • The nature of the vulnerability

  • The contract the vulnerability is present

  • The determined severity of the issue

  • Pertinent information to understand and address the related security issue.

Search and Filter

The platform offers advanced search and filter capabilities, enabling users to efficiently navigate through the plethora of vulnerability reports and Bug Bounties. Users can refine their search based on different criteria such as keywords, severity, category, and tags, allowing for a tailored and streamlined experience.

Community Ratings and Tags

Solodit values community involvement and incorporates community ratings and tags for each finding, as well as the ability for the community to submit whole new findings. This facilitates a collaborative environment where users can share insights, contribute to the assessment of vulnerabilities, and collectively enhance the quality and scope of the platform's content.


A distinctive feature of Solodit is the leaderboard, which aggregates auditor performance from renowned platforms such as CodeHawks, Code4rena, and Sherlock. The leaderboard offers a competitive overview of auditor contributions and achievements, fostering a sense of community and encouraging continuous improvement within the auditing ecosystem.

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