Rate a Bounty

Rating System

You can rate any finding giving it from 1 to 5 stars.

Bounties rated by you, will show with the rating you've given.

Bounties you haven't yet rated, will show a rating calculated based on the suggestions from the community. Including whenever you'll rate yours!

How is the rating calculated?

The formula for the final rating of a Bounty is:


  • User’sScoreiiUser’s Scorei_i is the score of the i-th user.

  • User’sSuggestedScoreiUser’s Suggested Score_i is the suggested score by the i-th user for the Bounty.


Suppose we have two users:

  • User A with a score of 2500 suggests a score of 2.

  • User B with a score of 7000 suggests a score of 5.

The final score for the Bounty would be:

Simply put: Ratings from users with higher scores have more weight in the final calculation of the score.

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