Rating a Finding

You can rate any finding giving it from 1 to 5 stars.

Findings rated by you, will show with the rating you've given.

Findings you haven't yet rated, will show a rating calculated based on the suggestions from the community. Including whenever you'll rate yours!

However, every user's suggestion is weighted by their score, which represents their auditing performance across multiple platforms.

How are finding ratings calculated?

The formula for the final rating of a finding is:


  • User’sScoreiUser’s Score_i is the score of the user.

  • User’sSuggestedScoreiUser’s Suggested Score_i is the suggested finding's score suggested by the user.


Suppose we have two users:

  • User A with a score of 2500 suggests a score of 2.

  • User B with a score of 7000 suggests a score of 5.

The final score for the finding would be:

Simply put: Ratings from users with higher scores have more weight in the final calculation of the score.

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