Quick Start

In this guide we'll get you up and running to use Solodit and start exploring 1000s of smart contract security reports completely for free. It's only 3 steps! First, navigate on solodit.xyz and signup:

Step 1 - Signup on Solodit:

From the landing page, click 'Read Now' to be prompted to sign in or create an account.

Once you'll have filled in your info, the following pop-up will appear and you'll receive a verification email:

Step 2 - Verify your email:

Click on the link in the received email to verify your account. You'll be routed back to Solodit and prompted to continue the login process.

Step 3 - Start exploring:

Login and get started - now you'll have access to thousands of findings, bounty aggregator, leaderboard, and any future feature!

Learn more:

Review our docs for information on searching for a finding or bounty, adding a new finding or bounty, or contributing in a number of other ways!

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