Tagging a Finding

Every finding can be associated with multiple tags. These tags can represent vulnerabilities, protocols, currencies, and more.

Findings tagged by you, will show with the Tag(s) you've given.

Findings you haven't yet tagged, will show the Tag(s) calculated based on the suggestions from the community. Including your tags!

How is the influence weight of a tag calculated?

The influence of a tag is the sum of the scores of all users who suggested that tag.


  • User A (score 2500) suggests tags: Tag 1, Tag 2.

  • User B (score 7000) suggests tags: Tag 1, Tag 3.

The influence for each tag would be:

  • Tag 1: 2500 + 7000 = 9500

  • Tag 2: 2500

  • Tag 3: 7000

Selecting Final Tags

The final tags for a finding are the top 5 tags with the highest influence. If there are fewer than 5 tags suggested, all the suggested tags are considered as final tags.

Tag Definitions

Descriptions of existing tags can be found in the report tags descriptions docs.

As the platform is open to community contributions, if you see that a tag is missing its definition, you're free to submit a PR to have it added.

We appreciate your efforts!

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