Add New Findings

Solodit aggregates findings from a variety of sources, as well as individual auditors and auditing companies contributing with new firms and findings is always an available option.

Currently this is done directly through the Solodit Content GitHub Repo.

1. Fork the Solodit Content GitHub repository

To add new findings on Solodit, navigate to the Solodit Content GitHub repository and fork it by clicking on the fork button on the top right corner:

Give your fork a name and clone it:

git clone

Inside the cloned repository>reports folder, if not already present, create a new subfolder, and name it after the audit firm or solo auditor you're adding the findings for.

2. Prepare your assets

Include two logo images you'll want the findings to be associated with:

  • logo_256_256.png This logo will be used in the search list and the finding detail page.

    • type: png

    • size: 256px * 256px

    • background: transparent

Example: Cyfrin Square Logo

  • logo_450_225.png This logo will be displayed on the Solodit landing page.

    • type: png

    • size: 450px * 225px

    • Put the brand name at the right side of the logo.

    • background color: #292634

    • logo color: #BBBABD

    • name text color: #BBBABD

    Example: Cyfrin Horizontal Logo

Last step, is adding the reports.

3. Formatting the reports

  1. Properly name the report file ({Date}-{Protocol}.md).

  2. Prepend the report with Auditor details

  3. Use #Findings to denote the start of findings content

  4. Indicate:

    1. the severity - Findings may be classified into 5 categories:

      • High Risk

      • Medium Risk

      • Low Risk

      • Gas Optimizations

      • Informational

    2. The title of the finding(s)

    3. Their content

Ensure that the report is formatted correctly. Here's a template you can use, or get inspiration from the Cyfrin Reports


[Giovanni Di Siena](


# Findings

## High Risk
### [Title of Finding-1]
[Content of Finding-1]

### [Title of Finding-2]
[Content of Finding-2]


## Medium Risk


## Low Risk


## Gas Optimizations


## Informational


Once finished, your folder should look like this:

├── ...
├── reports                                # Reports folder
│   ├── Audit firm name                    # Root folder of your reports.
│        ├── logo_256_256.png              # Square logo image
│        ├── logo_450_225.png              # Horizontal logo image
│        ├── {Date}-{Protocol}.md          # Report file.(e.g. ``)
│        └── ...
│   └── ...
└── ...

4. Send a PR with the new findings

Once your folder is ready, push it to your fork and create a new pull request.

A Solodit team member will review the pull request, and, if there's any problem, guide you through the correct process to add your findings on the platform.

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