Search for a Bounty

Solodit aggregates Bug Bounties from multiple web3 bug bounty platforms, consolidating all details for available bounties into one, convenient, and searchable database. User's can narrow down their results using a range of filters.

Bug Bounties Search Fields

  • Keywords: Enter specific terms or phrases to narrow down findings.

  • Platform: Narrow your results to Immunefi or Hats Finance

  • Language: Specify which programming languages you'd like the result protocols to be written in. Choose any number of Solidity, Vyper or Rust.

  • Category: Classify findings by protocol type. Options encompass Lending, NFT Marketplace, Oracles, Liquid Staking, Gaming, and more.

Bug Bounties Viewer

To the right of the Bug Bounty Finder, you'll see a list of all your filtered results. Results may be sorted by any column and clicked on to be routed to the Bug Bounty official posting.

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